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You doctmay want you tcay a mdical idntiication (ID) cad stating that you you child a using this mdicin. Th cad will say that you may nd additional mdicin duing an mgncy, a sv asthma attack oth illnss, unusual stss.

Mqunt administation a gat numb inhalations (mthan 1 inhalation twic daily) th pscibd stngth ADVAI DISKUS is not commndd as som patints a mlikly txpinc advs cts with high doss salmtol. Patints using ADVAI DISKUS should not us additional LABA any ason. [S Wanings and Pcautions (5.3, 5.12).]

Always consult you halthca povid tnsu th inomation displayd on this pag applis tyou psonal cicumstancs.

Stat oom tmpatu. Stin oil pouch until ady us. Potct om hat and sunlight. Stin a dy plac. Dnot stin a bathoom. Kp all dugs in a sa plac. Kp all dugs out th ach childn and pts. Thow away unusd xpid dugs. Dnot lush down a toilt pou down a dain unlss you a told tdso. Chck with you phamacist i you hav qustions about th bst way tthow out dugs. Th may b dug tak-back pogams in you aa.

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yes thrush is a possible with advair diskus salmeterol and fluticasone use.

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