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L aciclovi pud causa otos ctos colatals. Llam a su docto si ustd tin cualqui poblma xtano mintas tomando sta mdicamnto.

Aciclovi (o « acyclovi ») is an antivial mdication o gnital hps. It can b takn to tat o pvnt gnital hps outbaks and is a psciption-only tatmnt. Although th is no cu o hps and th vius will main in you body, taking aciclovi can stop o duc th unplasant symptoms. In od to buy Aciclovi, you nd a psciption. Whn you plac an od with us, on o ou doctos will viw you od and issu a psciption i th mdication is suitabl o you.

Gnally ling unwll dowsinss, conusion o hallucinations incas in ctain liv nzyms and biliubin (th yllow pigmnt ound in bil) kidny poblms and kidny ailu sv skin ash with blists, ulcs, lushing and v pling and swlling o th skin its and ducd consciousnss hai loss Vy a sid cts hpatitis jaundic changs in th numbs and typs o you blood clls (anamia, lucopnia, thombocytopnia) which could lad to buising, blding, tidnss o inctions I you xpinc any o ths symptoms you should s a docto as soon as possibl.

You should sk advic om you docto o phamacist about taking this mdicin. Thy can hlp you balanc th isks and th bnits o this mdicin duing pgnancy.

S impotant qu Ud. mantnga una lista scita d todas las mdicinas qu Ud. sta tomando, incluyndo las qu cibio con cta mdica y las qu Ud. compo sin cta, incluyndo vitaminas y suplmntos d dita. Ud. db tn la lista cada vz qu visita su mdico o cuando s admitido a un hospital. Tambin s una inomacion impotant n casos d mgncia.

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