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Th capsuls should b swallowd whol and not chwd opnd, as contact with th capsul contnts may sult in iitation th oophayngal mucosa. AVODAT may b administd with without ood.

Ths a not all th possibl sid cts with AVODAT. minomation, ask you halthca povid phamacist.

Mdicins a somtims pscibd puposs oth than thos listd in a patint lalt. Dnot us AVODAT a condition which it was not pscibd. Dnot giv AVODAT toth popl, vn i thy hav th sam symptoms that you hav. It may ham thm.

Pitinitiating tatmnt with AVODAT, considation should b givn toth uological conditions that may caus simila symptoms. In addition, BPH and postat canc may coxist.

In th 3 pivotal placbo-contolld BPH tials with AVODAT, ach 4 yas in duation, th was nvidnc incasd sxual advs actions (impotnc, dcasd libido, and jaculation disod) bast disods with incasd duation tatmnt. Among ths 3 tials, th was 1 cas bast canc in th dutastid goup and 1 cas in th placbgoup. Ncass bast canc w potd in any tatmnt goup in th 4-ya CombAT tial th 4-ya DUC tial.

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in a 4-year placebo-controlled clinical trial with another 5 -reductase inhibitor dutasteride, avodart , similar results for gleason score 8-10 prostate cancer were observed 1 dutasteride vs 0.

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