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Advise patients to immediately report to their physician or get emergency help if they experience any of the following symptomshivesmouth soresblistering and peeling of skinswelling of facelipstongueor throatdifficulty swallowing or breathingLamisil Tablets treatment should be discontinuedAdvise patients to immediately report to their physician any symptoms of persistent nauseaanorexiafatiguevomitingright upper abdominal painjaundicedark urineor pale stoolsLamisil Tablets treatment should be discontinuedAdvise patients to report to their physician any signs of taste disturbancesmell disturbance and/or depressive symptomsfeverskin eruptionlymph node enlargementerythemascalingloss of pigmentand unusual photosensitivity that can result in a rashLamisil Tablets treatment should be discontinuedAdvise patients to minimize exposure to natural and artificial sunlighttanning beds or UVA/B treatmentwhile using Lamisil TabletsAdvise patients that if they forget to take Lamisil Tabletsto take their tablets as soon as they rememberunless it is less than 4 hours before the next dose is dueAdvise patients to call their physician if they take too many Lamisil Tablets.

Cleanse and dry the affected areas thoroughly before application of LAMISILApply the cream to the affected skin and surrounding area in a thin layer and rub in lightlyIn the case of intertriginous infectionssubmammaryinterdigitalinterglutealinguinalthe application may be covered with a gauze stripespecially at night.

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apply a pea-size amount of lamisil to the ringworm area and rub in gently until the cream is distributed evenly on the skin.

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