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It is recommended that the prescribing physician relate the following information to patients being treated with REVIA:

Adverse eventsincluding withdrawal symptoms and deathhave been reported with the use of REVIA in ultra rapid opiate detoxification programsThe cause of death in these cases is not knownsee WARNINGS

Irrespective of the drug chosen to reverse REVIA blockadethe patient should be monitored closely by appropriately trained personnel in a setting equipped and staffed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Monitor vital signs and observe the patient for signs and symptoms of opioid withdrawalThese may includebut are not limited tonauseavomitingdysphoriayawningsweatingtearingrhinorrheastuffy nosecraving for opioidspoor appetiteabdominal crampssense of fearskin erythemadisrupted sleep patternsfidgetinguneasinesspoor ability to focusmental lapsesmuscle aches or crampspupillary dilationpiloerectionfeverchanges in blood pressurepulse or temperatureanxietydepressionirritabilitybackachebone or joint painstremorssensations of skin crawling or fasciculationsIf signs or symptoms of withdrawal appearthe test is positive and no additional naloxone should be administered.

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the volunteers blood naltrexone concentrations began to rise within minutes of the patch application, stabilized at an average of about 2.

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