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The estrogen and progesterone receptor values may help to predict whether adjuvant tamoxifen citrate therapy is likely to be beneficial.

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QI’ve experienced a racing heart and irregular heartbeatCan tamoxifen cause these symptoms?

If you are still having periodsthey may become irregularlighter or sometimes stop altogether.

Try to cut down on nicotinealcohol and hot drinks containing caffeinesuch as tea and coffeeDress in layersso you can remove clothes as neededWear clothes made from natural fabricssuch as cotton.

Tamoxifen is usually taken as a tablet once a dayYou take it at the same time each daymorning or eveningIt is also available as a syrupAlways take tamoxifen exactly as your nurse or pharmacist explainedThis is important to make sure it works as well as possible for you.

Tell your doctor about any medicines you are takingincluding ones you can buy yourselfcomplementary therapies and herbal drugs.

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