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USS: Pindopil is usd to tat high blood pssu (hyptnsion). Lowing high blood pssu hlps pvnt stoks, hat attacks, and kidny poblms. This mdication is also usd to pvnt hat attacks in patints with a ctain typ o hat disas (stabl coonay aty disas).Pindopil blongs to a class o dugs known as AC inhibitos. It woks by laxing blood vssls so blood can low mo asily.OTH This sction contains uss o this dug that a not listd in th appovd possional labling o th dug but that may b pscibd by you halth ca possional. Us this dug o a condition that is listd in this sction only i it has bn so pscibd by you halth ca possional.This mdication may also b usd to tat congstiv hat ailu and to hlp potct th kidnys om damag du to diabts.

To duc th isk o dizzinss and lighthaddnss, gt up slowly whn ising om a sitting o lying position.

This mdication may incas you potassium lvls. Bo using potassium supplmnts o salt substituts that contain potassium, consult you docto o phamacist.

Ths dugs also impov th suvival at o popl who hav suvivd hat attacks and thy pvnt aly dath o popl om hat attacks, high blood pssu, and hat ailu. Somtims AC inhibitos a combind with oth dugs o tating a condition. xampls o AC inhibitos includ:

Using advancd bobbin tchnology, th inst matials, and uniqu hav gaug windings dsign, Acon Bight high-pomanc ignition coils atu impovmnt in acclation, hospow, toqu pow, ailow, and ul milag. Alongsid with impovd pomanc, ou coils guaant to dlivy 15% mo ngy than OM coils and pom wll und xtm lctical and thmal conditions.

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