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Drug therapy for alcohol dependence should only be used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment planNaltrexone and acamprosate have well established.

Chronic daily headache is a type of frequently occurring headache which may be further classified as either:Chronic daily headache is thought to most typically occur as a result of medication overuse.

There are two things that set Topiramate apart from other drugs in this classFirst of allphysicians and psychiatrists sometimes prescribe it when other mood-stabilizing drugs fail to be effective for a patientSecondlythe set of side effects that patients may experience is quite different on Topiramate compared to other mood stabilizers.

Topamaxtopiramateis an anticonvulsant prescribed for preventing epileptic seizures and migraine headachesTopamax is available as a generic drugCommon side effects of Topamax includetirednessdrowsinessdizzinessnervousnessnumbness or tingly feeling in the hands or feetcoordination problemsdiarrheaweight lossspeech/language problemschanges in visionsensory distortionloss of appetitebad taste in your mouthconfusionslowed thinkingtrouble concentrating or paying attentionmemory problemsand cold symptoms such as stuffy nosesneezingor sore throat.

In fiverandomizeddouble-blindplacebo-controlledparallel group migraine prophylaxis clinical trialsmost adverse reactions occurred more frequently during the titration period than during the maintenance periodAmong adverse reactions with onset during titrationapproximately half persisted into the maintenance period.

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page sthe antiseizure drug topiramate topamax and the patients ability to adapt to the accumulation of methadone, causing.

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